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About Me


When we first became a business more than 3 years ago with the help of Sarah Harper, we thought we would start small. A regular studio for regular people where they can come and have their picture taken in a quick and cheap way. This was a model that worked and with our corner store in the heart of town, we made a pretty good living for ourselves.

However, Sarah is not the type of person that is satisfied staying in one place, so we began to expand our business. We opened a few more locations around the city and began taking the pictures of a much wider audience. Of course this worked out, yet Sarah was still not happy and felt like we could be doing more.

This is when our true company was born. A series of studios combined with freelance photography and web design that has made our impact much larger than we ever thought it could be. Web design is so closely related to photography that it was the natural progression for us, especially in this world dominated by websites.

Since then, our web design studio has grown to be larger than any of our photography studios and we help dozens of people every day forge the website of their dreams. Whether it is commercial or personal, what we have to offer is high quality photography and web design that far surpasses any of our competitors. We want you to compete in the cyber world and we want to help.